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Cyberwearz Fashions

What is Cyberwearz? Cyberwearz is a crazy blending of Renaissance garb (lets face it, these were some of the finest garments ever designed) with a 1960s-70s hippie (or merry prankster) spirit and landing solidly in the 21st Century with a garment that is both beautiful, irreverant and a great place to park and configure all your techno-wares.

As Professor Daria Dorosh of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York says... "we have all this talent in the garment business but who understands how to design clothing that is real modern streetwear, ready for all the gadgets we carry around yet doesn't look like something from a war zone or Lara Croft?".

Well, rising to that challenge is the Cyberwearz Bruce Damer, his band of merry prankster designers and the Art Bus Studio NoFurthur.

Where it all started, the story of
The Renaissance Doublet
(Nov-Dec 2004)
Now how about a CyberDoublet!
Initial designs materials and methods
and a great trip to New York! (Dec-Jan)
Next phases of Design:
the rise of the channels
(Jan 2005)
Watch this space!
Next phases2 of Design:
how will that holographic stuff
go on exactly? (Feb 2005)
March breakthrough: its a prototype, use prototyping techniques, a.k.a.
the Velcro vision (Mar 2005))

Other Cyberwearz looks from the past few years

Santa Cruz Mountains
Cyberwearz Threads of Oaxaca Mexico
with Bruce & Galen
Cyberwearz at Burning Man General pictures of different
garb by Bruce & Galen

It all stated innocently enough with a
Scrunchie for Galen

Contact me if you want to get on the bus!

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